Industry 4.0: The Connected Train Car

  Connected wagon equipped with Everysens’ industrial sensor   Railway freight companies estimate that, on average, train cars are not effectively used up to their full potential, from the moment…



Everysens sensor

Connected wagon equipped with Everysens’ industrial sensor


Railway freight companies estimate that, on average, train cars are not effectively used up to their full potential, from the moment they are loaded with goods to their final point of destination. Different causes to that relate to absence of real-time visibility, maintenance repairs, lengthy downtime, charging/discharging goods etc. As a result, this represents significant performance losses for logistics and industrial companies each year.

Some visionary  international companies like Danone Waters, have committed themselves to invest in innovative technologies to optimize their operational efficiency. One of the chosen options has been to consider utilizing railway freight rather than or in association to road transport. If evidently attractive, this option still incurs managing complex logistics flows.

Tracking wagons to optimize overall operations

IDEO, Control tower of ID Logistics Group, is a multimodal and multi-client organization, specialized in rail freight, road and storage in charge of piloting its clients logistics. IDEO acts as partner with its clients including amongst them Danone, to find solutions and provide real-time transparency in their logistics flows. Together, they built the first private railway freight hub in Europe, handling a large fleet of wagons transporting millions of pallets every year.


Selected as one of the innovative companies to work with to achieve these goals, Everysens, an IoT integrated platform and hardware solution, is implementing the digital train solution on 1200 wagons, in order to track, trace and optimize Danone’s operations efficiently. With proprietary industrials sensors built to resist to extreme conditions, and with a massive autonomy of 3 to 5 years, Everysens participates in achieving greater performance and reliability in mobile asset management. To that end, Everysens offers its client a customizable platform focused not only on real-time operational management but also on strategic insights, with Big Data analysis. As a member of the Sigfox ecosystem network, Everysens is able to provide relevant data in several European destinations.



Supply Chain Event 2016 Conference : Emmanuel Guérin (General Manager, IDEO), Antoine Pulcini (Head of logistics purchasing  department, Danone Waters), and Youness Lemrabet (CEO Everysens)

Business expertise, use cases and customization : the winning formula

During the Paris Supply Chain Event 2016, Everysens presented an impactful set of use cases developed with IDEO & Danone, and was granted with the Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Award, and later  the King of the Supply Chain Award– recognized as the start-up to follow in IoT in the years to come. The jury was composed of several supply chain directors (18) of large companies. Here’s what they had to say: Gabriel Schumacher, Bosch Electroménager Supply Chain Director: “ I have appreciated the business expertise, the customization for the client and the overall optimization it induces. All of this makes innovation.  Being myself an active user of railway and truck transportation, this is an innovation that speaks to us.” Similarly, Jean-François Moulin, L’Oréal Supply Chain Director gave us the following testimony: “The added value of the solution is the traceability of merchandises. Thanks to the tracking and richness of data transmission, the solution allows for a real security for logistics flows”.

It is clear that that the visibility afforded by real-time tracking of high value assets helps organizations pre-empt problems, address demand fluctuations and efficiently manage all business processes associated with the assets. Welcome to the future of freight railway – The Digital Train.


About Everysens

Everysens optimises mobile equipment fleets for asset-intensive industries such as multimodal rail transportation, waste management or professional equipment rental. Via smart sensors and a customizable SaaS platform, Everysens brings transparency, reactivity and agility to industrial assets’ operational management. This logistic flow management platform automatically collects and secures real-time data.

Thanks to Big Data analyses, Everysens also proves to be a valuable decision-making tool. There are multiple business cases: delays anticipation, use case calculation, backhauling, fleet surveillance, etc. Everysens’ solution contributes to reducing costs, improving customer service and also reducing environmental footprint. Click here for a short presentation video.




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